Pests and Problems

7/4/11:   Mahonia Mildew:  According to “Care and Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens” published by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens, mildew is a common problem with Mahonia.  They attribute it to too much water.  This started appearing in spring of 2011.  We cut back the watering to once a week (these plants were installed less than 1 year ago).  We have not done anything else to combat it.  We are watching it to see if it gets worse (so far, so good).

7/5/2011:  Aloe Sunburn:  This Aloe was relocated from a more shady area to this brighter and hotter part of the garden.  Before it was transplanted, it had a beautiful green, spotted leaf as you can see on some of the leaves.  Within 2 days, the browning and scorching started to appear. We weren’t sure what the issue was so we tried to shade it with an umbrella.  That did not seem to really help the issue.  When you lift the bottom leaves, you can see the “tan line” on the bottom leaves — suggesting the issue is too much sun and heat.  Note also that the flatter leaves, which will naturally get more sun, are the ones that are scorched.  Rather than re-locating it back to a shady part of the garden, we are trying to get it to acclimate — which it seems to be doing.  The scorched leaves are permanently damaged, unfortunately.

8/21/2011:  Newly planted Arctostaphylos manzanita ‘Mama Bear’ showing signs of [?] Rust [?].

8/21/2011:  Rhamnus californica (coffeeberry)
: Too good to pass up for the Group 1 Chewing critters, apparently.  Caterpillar or Grasshopper?  We are not sure what is eating this.

8/21/2011:  Turf Issue
:  Turf was installed in July. Upper slope portions took well.  This lower slope portion did not.  We thought it was not getting enough sunlight so we thinned the pine overhead.  It has been a few weeks, but problem seems to have simply gotten worse.  We also thought it might have been getting too much water at first.  We changed the watering schedule to every 4th day (new grass).   We will next try to remove the dead grass and thatch (without destroying any new growth) and plant plugs of St. Augustine.

Your Thoughts?

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